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Learn how to automate the follow-up process, easily grow your prospect list and succeed daily with Share Success Pro. Watch this short video to see how Share Success Pro makes you a follow-up expert by sending automated texts and emails with your personal touch, as well as notifications and call reminders that will ensure you are on top of your doTERRA business. Let Share Success Pro be your daily task assistant, so you can focus on creating lasting relationships and building your business.


Set Your Preferences

This video will walk you through setting your preferences and/or updating your preferences. Keeping your preferences up to date will ensure you never miss a message, as well as your recipients. Share Success Pro uses this information in the automated messages that are sent to your contacts, so take some time to update it.


Interactive Messaging

Want to add a personal message to the content going to your contact? Is your new prospect going on vacation and won't be available to interact with you today? Learn how to edit existing content to add a personal touch, as well as editing the date and time of the notifications going out.


Daily Success Plan

In this tutorial we will show you how Share Success Pro helps you stay on top of what's going on with your business each and every day. You can view all of the items that are automatically being sent to your prospects on a daily basis. You can also edit, skip or manually push a notification to go through immediately. The more familiar you are with all amazing features of Share Success Pro, the more confident you can be with your virtual assistant.


Managing Contacts

Learn how to navigate the contact screen, enter a contact and assign a contract to a track, so you can ensure your prospect will get the information they want, when they want it. Staying in touch and being on top of what's next for your contacts is a big part of your business. Watch this short tutorial so you can see how easy it is to add recipients to Share Success Pro and how quickly the follow-up begins.


Video Library

Share Success Pro gives you access to tons of amazing videos. Whether you are looking to share a doTERRA product video, learn more about LRP or train your team, you will be able do it all directly on your device, or share them with your contacts via email, text, social media and much more. No more keeping track of links or typing long url's into messages. Simply open your video library and quickly send them directly to your contacts.


Switching Tracks

The follow up experience is delivered through what we call "tracks", which is a series of emails, texts, call reminders and notifications designed to deliver personalized information about the products or opportunities with Share Success and doTERRA. Watch this video and learn how to put your contact on an initial track and then move them to other tracks so they can experience everything Share Success has to offer.

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